This morning I found out I’ve made the longlist for the Bath Short Story Award for 2019. This is my second entry in this contest and I’ll be a nervous wreck waiting for the shortlist. I’m in good company, as it happens. I’ve been watching Twitter’s writing community and there are some amazing writers longlisted this year. I can’t reveal which story is mine as judging is done anonymously, but watch for updates as things unfold!

National Flash-Fiction Day

This past weekend, I participated in National Flash-Fiction Day. It was more than a day and there were so many great activities. Go have a look!

In fact, my participation began before that when I submitted my story, Now You Have to Pee Again to the Flash Flood competition and it was accepted. Beginning at midnight British time, stories were released every 5 to 10 minutes and starting at noon, stories by unpublished authors were released each half hour. There’s a lot of great stuff to read, if you’re a fan of flash.

Naturally, I wanted to be a part of the entire celebration so I also participated in the Write-In where a prompt was released each hour and we used the prompt to produce a piece of writing. Many writers also submitted these pieces for publication, but as I had company for the weekend, I was only able to respond to a few prompts and I tucked the rest away for later.

Dream Publication

A few days ago, I received my contributor’s copy of The Antigonish Review (Issue #196) which features my short story, Grace. I originally submitted to the magazine in March of 2018. I received my acceptance that November and have been waiting anxiously since. It feels really good to see something I worked so hard on in print, in front of my very eyes! As soon as the issue is available (print & digital), I will publish a link.

What a week!

This week, two very special things happened.

I had a piece selected by Mura for publication. Mura is a brand new Canadian publication looking for submissions. It could also use our support and donations. There are some pretty great pieces already published and I’m proud that my work will join them on May 31st.

Then I woke up this morning to discover I had won Adhoc Fiction for the second time. This contest is special to me because when I decided to return to writing a couple of years back, I started there and was lucky enough to have one of my favourite pieces win out of the gate.

I would be remiss if I didn’t, once again, mention Kathy Fish’s Skillshare class and credit her and it for getting my creative juices flowing again.


Last week, I participated in an online Flash Fiction course, Flash Fiction: Writing Tiny, Beautiful Stories taught by Kathy Fish. I felt so motivated to write which was great because I’d lost my motivation somewhere along the way lately. I finished up my final project, posted it, and was met with very positive feedback. The timing was perfect for National Flash Fiction Day’s Flash Flood competition. June 15th is National Flash Fiction Day so throughout the day, the site will post winning entries. Everything happens quickly with this competition with some submissions receiving responses within the same day. This was the case with mine. I received my acceptance when the story was about 12-hours old! It will appear on the journal at around 6:20 a.m. (BST) on the 15th of June 2019.

Postcard Project

I love postcards and would welcome them from anywhere in the world. I would like to surround myself with beautiful little pieces of the global community. Please send them here:

Trasie Sands
PO BOX 99900 HS 477 912
M4J 0A4


Fictive Dream, which published my story, Something Pretty in a Jar last July, is running a series this year called Revisits in which it is revisiting various themes and re-publishing stories linked by those themes. I am happy to announce that in August, Something Pretty in a Jar will be featured once again.

Fictive Dream is a lovely online lit magazine that welcomes new and emerging writers and accepts submissions all year round. Working with them was like a dream and their support was unwavering.