National Flash-Fiction Day

This past weekend, I participated in National Flash-Fiction Day. It was more than a day and there were so many great activities. Go have a look!

In fact, my participation began before that when I submitted my story, Now You Have to Pee Again to the Flash Flood competition and it was accepted. Beginning at midnight British time, stories were released every 5 to 10 minutes and starting at noon, stories by unpublished authors were released each half hour. There’s a lot of great stuff to read, if you’re a fan of flash.

Naturally, I wanted to be a part of the entire celebration so I also participated in the Write-In where a prompt was released each hour and we used the prompt to produce a piece of writing. Many writers also submitted these pieces for publication, but as I had company for the weekend, I was only able to respond to a few prompts and I tucked the rest away for later.